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Michaela de la Cour: "It Took Me 15 Years To Tell Why I Left The Band"

Микаэлы де ла Кур
нашему сообществу
(на английском).


?: Hello Sweden!
Hello cold Stockholm from an also cold

Hello Michaela!
How are you?

First of all,
very very best greetings from Russia,
from Moscow and from us!
How is life? How is everything?

thank you very much for your time
and willingness to answer our questions.
It is very sweet and nice and generous of you!

I also understand that perhaps
you answered some of the questions
like a million and billion times
but it's always interesting to get the answers from the
"first hands"!

Michaela: I am fine, thanks.
Right now we are at the cottage .
Its unbelievable beautiful in Grythyttan
and this area are famous for the healthy water and spa creations.

It’s famous location for Swedish people
because the Queen Kristina change her 24 horses
In the 1640 the county of Örebro.

She relaxed and meet important people
and this place are famous for the excellent wine cellar.
At that time a bubbling meeting place for trawlers.

It´s from this time I think my ancestors on my mothers side
moved to Sweden from Russia on my grandmothers side.
One of my mothers surname are Tatiana,
I love that name.

So, shall we start?

?: Once you mentioned that your ancestors have Russian roots,
is it true? Where were they from?
Who did you inherit your beauty from?

(user: ne_gena, Moscow)

Michaela: On my fathers side
Dornonville de la Cour.
It’s a royal name means
"royal rose garden" or "court".

(The Family Cross)

U can see the family cross,
its given from a French king to somebody
that did something fantastic for the king at that time.

My dad and one of my brothers lives in Los Angeles
and Stefan and I are going to move to LA in a couple of years.
I miss my dad a lot but we skype often to each other.

My mother and my other brother live in Stockholm .
My mother used to be a model
and one year she got the title for having Swedens most beautiful eyes,
I think it was 1963.
She is a great painter.

My father was stunning,
actually they looked like moviestars - both of my parents.
My father was going to the same privat school
as the Swedish king and he has a lots of crazy stories from that time.

I think I met the king
when I was around 15
the first time in my grandfathers kitchen.
But at that time he was a prince.

Im used to see royalties in our home
specially my grandfathers home.
My grandfather rented out one house in Falsterbo
and one Chalet in Arosa, Schweiz.
To the kings sister Birgitta.

My grandfather Bjarne,
he past away shortly after his 100 birthday this year.
He was running one of the biggest company in Sweden Vilans mecanics.
He started a new company again at age of 90
and moved to Poland.

He smoked big cigars and loved women to the end.
He was a powerful person that could entertain anyone.
We also have a street with our name Lacour street in Helsingborg
and a statue of my grand grand father that was a big inventor
and made the tax less for the people in Helsingborg area.
He also got a gold medallion from the King at that time.

?: My questions, as always, are very philosophic:
Do you have any regrets to have been in the show-business?

If you hadn't change your profession
(once you were a teacher, right?)
do you think you could have achieved more like,
for example, a status of the Minister of Education?

What besides music and social activity do you have in life?
Do you have a family, children?
If you have children,
what is their attitude to your work in the
Army Of Lovers?

Did you like working in the
Army Of Lovers?
Was it just a routine work for you or a group of adherents?

Why did it all come to an end?
Was it just the right time to end or were there some other external reasons
that no one could infuence on?

Would you want the Army Of Lovers to re-join again or
it's impossible to step into one river twice?

(user: spb_zaika, Saint-Petersburg)

Michaela: I was the youngest teacher
taking care of students with special problems
and nowadays I got sweet messages from them telling me
that I built up there self-confidence
and that they will never forget me.

That is the biggest compliment I can get from my students.
Thanks to facebook its easy to hook up
and I don’t mind.

(Michaela with her students)

One of my student told the newspaper
this student she used to be famous singer in Sweden
and I was teacher at Swedish Music school.

I could see that some of my students included her
didn’t eat lunch.
I didn’t want to expose her for the whole class
so I had every one in the class to fill in a paper
every week for a year.

The paper was sent home to show the parents
if the kids had been eating.
She told the newspaper that it saved her
from going on with Anorexia/Bulimia.

That I took that extra time
and cared for her and the others.
I was also helping out concerning mobbing
I cant stand when people are evil.

Its so stupid to be evil
and the person who are just show lack of intelligence.
So I amused to couch and take care of classes
as groups with 30 student.

I also had a fun hour every week
for relaxing and have fun together
and sometimes I took the students outside the school all by myself.
We where ice-skating together.

The other teachers in Music school said
how can you handle 30 students on your own.
They behaved perfect and I was very proud over them.

When I joined the Army of lovers
my students couldn’t take some peoples comments about me.
So they made a big add how I was as a schoolteacher,
they stood up for me isn’t that quit something.

?: Michaela,
do you plan to continue your music career?
Are you still into a jewelery business?
If so, why do you like to do it?

(user: bwoparty, Moscow)

Michaela: Lots of funny things going on in my life.
I have my design jewelery company
and my new music,
I have a wonderful boyfriend
that also makes music and he is also an inventor.

(Michaela & Stefan)

Today I own a company;
Design Michaela de la Cour.
I have 25 sellers
who sell designer Michael de la Cour jewelry.

My Design: Red Ribbon Cross
which is awarded each year by HIV positive foundation.
one that was rewarded was Andreas Lundstedt,
So my designed are written in eternity.

(Michaela & Stefan)

Now I'm back with new music.
Stefan my wonderful boyfriend since seven years
we are also making music and we have so much fun together.
I love writing lyrics.

I have a lot of lyrics in my drawer
and I wrote my first song SOS first week that I joined
the Army of lovers.

I wrote in 2000 a contract with record label
they were quite excited about the song SOS
and they were spending 350 000 SEK on the video
but then it was someone who wanted me out of the way
and what happened has never quite been exposed.

It is very ugly behind the scenes
you have no idea were happy that you dont.

We were in the fall in Poland
and performed in a fantastic TV show with our new material.

We also have a show that can be booked
so we show up in night clubs around the world.

I now face both new & old fans super fun.
I also have the actors playing in various contexts in film,
television and theater.
I got respect and encouragement I so longed for
and it is one of Sweden's largest actor writer and icon
Hasse Alfredsson
that I'm against the spectacle theater play in the
Sunshine Boys.

I also played against Gunnar Hellström,
known as the director of Dallas.
To have developed in the acting
and be treated solely with respect healed my wounds
after the separation from the
Army of lovers.

At the premiere of the Sunshine Boys,
another living legend came in to me loge.
Sweden biggest comedien actor Gosta Ekman
and gave me compliments on my way to be so brave
and brilliant in my role interpretation.
I thought I would faint.

My teammate Hasse Alfredsson spoke to me at the closing party safely
in 20 minutes that I have to take care of my talents
as a comedian but also as a dramatic actor,
he looked forward to seeing me in many roles.

In my personal life,
I had some scary types after me that made my life difficult.
I was persecuted and threatened with murder my apartment burned down
due to short circuit in a cable.

People that I love was seriously ill and died,
the pain I felt was a time difficult
but made me realize things I had not seen before.

?: Why did you leave the band in the middle of the 90's?
The Swedish media version is that you had a drug-conflict
with the Swedish authorities and you had to leave the country.

Who do you like the most among your ex-bandmates and why?
Are you still in touch with anyone from the
Army Of Lovers?

(user: ethual, France)

Michaela: I never had the lust for drugs
and you also look better inside and out.

You asked me how I stay looking like I do.
I take care of myself and
are a living proof that you look much better without the drugs.

It´s not hip to use drugs
not even OZZY spreads comments like that.
But the last drop came when Dominika was in the newspaper
telling that she got high or a kick to steal things
then I just felt this is not possible
she just say anything to get some attentions.

I also think that JP is the major sex symbol of the
Army of lovers.

Alexander has a courage that many lack,
and I really like that he is still making music
and hope that he will never stop being creative.

We both respect each other
and I have nothing against Alexander and JP.

When Dominika joined the group,
I thought I would get a friend.
Soon I realized she wanted me off the team
& wanted the guys to herself.

She went out in a Swedish newspaper called Solo
in which she admits she messed a lot with me
so I therefore take it out but she might as well deny it
you never know with Dominika.
The only mistake I made was being too nice.

I don´t know why she hates me -
is it my look my name or that I am so friendly?

That I was the press darling and not Dominika perhaps
that’s why she is so mean and spread lies about me
which have not ceased.

She is still spreading lies about me
so I understand that she thinks of me.
I believe in karma what you give you get back.
I have always had very easy to make friends
and I think Its because I respect others.

There were other artists who wanted to spit on us
because they thought we got too much media attention.
I had previously worked as a teacher and helping bullied pupils,
now was I exposed myself it was very lonely.

I wish I had been able to stand up more for myself then
and helped me so that I made for my students and friends.
as I do today,
but envy is a difficult thing to handle.

I discourage and straw was when I was out on a signing tour
at major shopping malls for my calendar.
The last straw for my defection was
when Dominika made a desperate story.

that she became a high of stealing and drove down the mince
before the panties.

She had a spread in a tabloid where they are also simultaneously exposed
how much is stolen in the big stores.
I was booked on that day to a large department store to sign my calendar
and was canceled due to Dominika article.

I had never been canceled before
and knew then that her behavior was out of my commitments
when it became impossible to remain in the
Army of lovers.

I was tired of destructive statements:
I am a positive person and I felt why waste my life.
I didn’t tell the world about this
because I didn’t want other to dislike Dominika
but now after 15 years when she is continue lying
I have to tell the truth.

My friends were calling me after seeing this article
and I just felt all the lust for being mixed up with her
that kind of strange behaviour that was not for me.

I just took the phone called the press
and told the world that I was leaving the band.
I also new that the same minute I was leaving the Army
some people in the group was making up ugly stories
so I should look bad and they good.

I guess it was hard to take
that actually a member are saying goodbye,
it never happened before.

I am a person who believes in karma.
I would never think of harming another person
just because I dont like the person.

So put out rumours that are fantasy
that Dominika & Camilla do about me,
that’s fantastic they promote to feed internet
with faked story’s about me.

But again that’s what fame is about sometimes.
Its just strange when the member
that was last in behave like stalkers.
I just go on with my life and I am quite busy.

I also love that Alexander still makes music.
I really feel that we had the best time together.
Jean-Pierre is a very warm hearted person
and really funny.

But I am doing my own music now
but I will always be very happy for the time
with Alexander and Jean-Pierre.

?: How did it all start for you -
the Army Of Lovers-life?
We heard a million versions and we don't know what to believe in -
so, it would be great to hear it from you!

Why does the Obsession video have 2 versions:
with La Camilla and you?

What is your favourite Army Of Lovers song, video?

What did you do after leaving the band?

Surely you have heard about the scandal
with La Camilla and the King?
What is your attitude to that?

If it's true that she had problems with drugs and alcohol
and she had nowhere to live,
why didn't her ex-bandmates support and help her?

(user: Alexei Romanov, Canada)

Michaela: Why I ended up in the Army of lovers
was because I happened to see a picture of Marilyn Monroe
without makeup and I realised
that’s how I look when I don´t wear make up.

And that same month a big weekly magazine
had a look like a famous person competition
so I sent in a picture and abracadabra I was winning.

And was invited to TV and premier openings
and hired as a model and commercials.
And I became famous and was booked for different jobs all the time.

I met Camilla Thulin in a TV–studio,
she is the designer of the Army of lovers clothes
and we instantly became friends.

So I guess you can say I became her favourite model
and she liked me also because
I was always in time and very easy going positive person.

When Camilla Henemark was fired because of her drug problems
Alexander & Army facing that they had to find a mentally stabile person
with the right attraction to fit in to the group
Army of lovers.

I had sent a glamourous postcard to
Camilla Thulin around this time
and she told me that it was magic
when she got the postcard.

She realized I was as she said perfect
to be the new member.
Somebody they could trust and the look they loved.

(The one and only Army Of Lovers video
where the "invisible" member
Camilla Thulin appears in
(lying on the piano)

Alexander called me
and I still remember his question
do you want to be a Popstar?

I lived in Los Angeles
and I was booked to work in a Las Vegas show
as a Marilyn Monroe imitator at that time.

I had some days to think it over
and I was in the air when MTV revealed
that I was the new Army of lovers member.
So I checked in at Lax as anonymous
and landed as in Stockholm as famous.

My start in the Army of lovers was extreme
because the big fight between LA Camilla and Alexander & co,
they told me that we where going to end up in a media wore
and we did a big one in Sweden.

I also like to tell you all that everybody thinks
that LA Camilla & and I know each other.
I did not know Camilla Henemark “LA Camilla”,
I had never talked to her.
We have never talked to each other.

When I started in the Army
guys were disappointed by Camilla Henemark,
I was not there so I can not tell you the story
what actually happened.
I just know that she was fired.

All the drama in Sweden was quickly forgotten
when we were busy and soon we were never at home.
We were constantly in the world singing and promoting our music.

The three of us :
Alexander, Jean-Pierre & I got together
to experience the most successful period that has existed in the
Army of lovers,
we were pretty damn fun and I enjoyed like a fish in the water.

I felt very loved in other countries.
I learned the Army songs early on the flight to Stockholm
and it was directly to record new songs
and make a new video when I arrived.

We were going to conquer the USA
and we release and made the new Obsession
for the American market.

I think this video and the very first Ride the bullet
are the funniest because everything was so new to me.

At this time the Army of lovers was in Top charges
and it was the most successful period in the
Army of lovers history.

Alexander, me and Jean-Pierre get along well together,
travelled all over the world constantly
and I loved it.

My friends in LA still thinks I made the wrong move
to take the flight back to Sweden.
They thing I had reach bigger things in LA.

Since I left the Army rolls in my life as an exciting adventure.
I like to challenge myself
and so there is always to do & many are looking up on me
for various reasons,
sometimes good sometimes not so good.

a number of psychopaths come in my way -
one also killed himself but first he ended up in jail.
He had deceived a bunch of artists, among others me.

I have been exposed to a lots of things in life:
knife threatened, threatened with murder,
But luckily I have good healing & forget the past.

I am a very positive person,
hate negative people when I cut and go my way.

I have tremendous patience as it usually comes as a surprise
that I simply cut but
when I have had enough as it is written in cement
I just say goodbye.

Yes I was hunted,
the Swedish press hunted me for weeks.
The king & his best friends are friends I really like
and I known them a long time
and I didn’t recognize the strange storys that
they put in the book and in the newspaper.

I met the King at my grandfathers house long before the
Army of lovers.
I have danced with the king many times,
he is a very good dancer.
And we danced to my abounded song SOS at a party.

Around 2001 The king and his friends in a way helped me out
when I had a big catastrophe in my life -
my apartment was destroyed through a fire
and I got very sad.
So it really helped to had good friends around.

?: Michaela,
could you please tell us about your
"Mrs. Sweden" title?
How did it happen that you took part in it?
Was it your idea to participate?
What does this title bring?

What is your secret to keep such youthful looks:
a diet, a work-out,
a special cosmetic treatment?

(user: tpoe4nuk, Moscow)

Michaela: I was suprised
when they asked if I liked to be
in the competition for the
Mrs World.

I thought when they called
that I was going to sponsor with my jewelery.
I was Mrs 2009 & 2010
and they thought I was perfect to represent Sweden.
Now I have lovely friends from that competions
all over the world.

I remember the nice MRS Russia
Victoria Radochinskiaya,
she asked me if I had any kids.
She talked about her son.
I love kids and theres rumours you can read at Wikipedia
that I have a kid, a daughter,
and her name again he put out something like that.

I think that I stayed out from the sun is one important thing
to stay younger,
but i didnt have any choice,
I got like the oposite from Michael Jackson.

I get dark big spots from the sun in my face,
actually I had one removed before I went to the
"Mrs World" in Vietnam,

Another is this that i make ever week:

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